David Bellamy Award

Gainsborough Park has achieved Gold Conservation Awards from Professor David Bellamy for the overall appearance and maintenance of the park, as well as individual gardens.

The parks that take part in the scheme are all regularly assessed by the scheme’s team of local wildlife experts. The assessors look at the steps parks are taking to:

Manage their land as a haven for wildlife
Reduce their use of energy, water and other resources
Reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce
Support their local communities

David Bellamy uses the assessors’ reports (and any comments received from members of the public) to make his awards each year. Three levels of excellence can be achieved: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Gainsborough Park is tremendously proud of its Gold Award and of all the positive comments from our residents.

gainsborough park holds a gold conservation award from professor david bellamy

“Pleasant people, peaceful. Lots of different birds, sparrows, greenfinch, blue tit, great tit, robin and some I don’t know. Badgers come every night to be fed. Can’t improve on the best.”